About Us
About Us
Teaching, supporting and promoting better dentistry has been the foundation of CLINICIAN'S CHOICE since our beginning, nearly 15 years ago. It's a philosophy born of the vision of an industry pioneer and one of dentistry's most respected clinicians, the late Dr. Ronald E. Jordan, who, through his lectures, research and teachings, successfully endeavored to improve the quality of dentistry.

Teaching better dentistry, today and always. This vision permeates our people and characterizes our relationships with our customers. From developing innovative products, proven to address the clinical frustrations of our customers, and suggesting and teaching innovative time-saving techniques, to conducting educational seminars, we're always looking at ways to help our customers improve their dentistry.

That's why our clinically proven products solutions are used by top clinicians and industry thought leaders worldwide.

It is our mission to support, promote, and teach better dentistry through the presentation of clinical seminars, workshops and scientific research studies, and to provide only clinically-proven products to dentists via a highly trained and skilled technical support staff.

Before our products ever reach the marketplace, they are tested in clinics across the continent. Only when they are proven to deliver consistently superior results - every time - do they make it into our reserve of product solutions for your daily dentistry challenges.

We strive daily to climb with the technological, procedural and material advances in dentistry, but we remain steadfastly committed to our vision...better dentistry is not always the "new" - often it's the "tried and true". 
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